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Farid Abedin-Dorkoosh, Ph.D.



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Ph.D., 2002,               Leiden University,

                                    The Netherlands

                                    Thesis: Peptide drug delivery


                                    Major: Pharmaceutical Technology

                                    Minor: Biopharmaceutics


Pharm. D., l993,        Tehran Azad University,

                                    Tehran, Iran

                                    Thesis:  Development of parenteral formulations


                                    Major: Pharmacy        

                                    Minor: Pharmaceutics


Diploma in

Management, 2010,   Management Chartered institute, London, UK                     





Dates Employed: 02/2008-Present

Faculty of Pharmacy, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, IRAN


Responsibilities are teaching courses to undergraduates and postgraduates in the fields of pharmaceutics, pharmacoeconomy and pharmaceutical management. Moreover, is doing research in various fields of novel drug delivery systems and nanotechnology both in PharmD and PhD level.




  • Establishing a patent office in Tehran University of Medical Sciences
  • Managing more than 30 PharmD thesis in the field of pharmaceutics
  • Managing 2 PharmD thesis in the field of pharmacoeconomy and pharmaceutical managemet
  • Managing 10 PhD students in various fields of novel drug delivery systems, nanotechnology, and gene delivery
  • Teaching the following courses in PharmD: Physical Pharmacy (Thermodynamics), Pharmaceutics (general pharmaceutical dosage forms, Injectable dosage forms, cosmetic formulations, solid dosage forms), Management (Marketing, Management of Innovation, Patenting)
  • Teaching the following courses in PhD: Physical Pharmacy (Modern Thermodynamics), Pharmaceutics (Peroral drug delivery, Injectable dosage forms), Pharmacoeconomy  (General Management, IP rights, International Marketing, Project Management, Control Management, R&D Management)
  • Teaching to MPH, Master of Nanotechnology, Master of Pharmaceutical Engineering and PhD of Nanobiotechnology students


Dates Employed: 03/2004-11/2007

Head Pharmaceutical R&D Department, Synthon BV,

P.O.Box 7071, 6503 GN Nijmegen, The Netherlands


Responsibilities include managing the pharmaceutical R&D department, technical support for development of various drug deliveries and pharmaceutical formulations, leading the research group both in research and development phases of pharmaceutical formulation. 

Scientific and technical support to researchers and project leaders for developing new formulations and initiating new projects with respect to novel drug delivery systems.




  • Establishing effective R&D processes for the whole drug development traject.
  • Managing drug development traject by considering product life cycle management.
  • Management of people with Pharmaceutical R&D and enhance the performance of drug development.
  • Establish strategic plans for development of a drug product.
  • Directing development of finished products and supporting the team scientifically.
  • Directing all project team meetings, generated action items, and timelines; reviewed all necessary technical and scientific reports on the status of the projects, and provided updates to management.  
  • Investigating the possible new formulations for existing chemical entities.
  • Developing oral disintegrating tablets.
  • Developing oral solutions.
  • Developing modified release formulations using polymeric matrix systems or various extended release coating polymers.
  • Developing pellets using high shear technique or extrusion-spheronization technique.


Dates Employed: 05/2002-02/2004

Senior development scientist, Department of pharmaceutics, Organon International,

P.O.Box 20, 5340 BH Oss, The Netherlands


Responsibilities are to develop novel drug delivery systems and to co-ordinate the project related statement of work, locate and negotiate the possible mutual scientific collaboration with the other research groups and centers. 


Scientific leading and guiding the research group for developing novel formulations.

Scientific support to innovation group.




  • Effectively coordinating all activities related to drug development,
  • Facilitating, and monitoring product formulation from pre-clinical stages through clinical batches.
  • Investigated the absorption pathways of drugs which are metabolized in the intestine and to investigate on the active transport of drugs in the intestine and role of P-gp and MRP transporters in the absorption of active compounds.
  • Developing preliminary formulations for an anti-schizophrenia compound and to investigate the best routes of administration for such a compounds.
  • Developing a novel transmucosal buccal patch for delivery of hydrophilic macromolecular drugs.


Dates Employed: 08/1997-04/1998


Head of cosmetic production unit, Laleh Ekbatan Company


Hafez St. Corner of Taleghani St. Fith floor, Tehran-Iran


Responsibilities included managing the production unit and directing the cosmetic department. Controlling the performance of department under GMP conditions and guiding the personal to achieve the high performance of the unit.




  • Have developed a cream formulation for softening of the skin.
  • Have developed a wax for depletion of the hair on the skin.
  • Compiled a high GMP and GLP conditions in the production and laboratory units.
  • Scientific support to managing directors for high performance of cosmetic department.


Dates Employed: 08/1995-07/1997


Clinical pharmacist, 501 Hospital pharmacy

Kargar St. Shiraz Gharbi St., Tehran-Iran


Responsibilities were organizing drug therapy for patients in the hospital and collaborating with physicians for performing clinical trials in well-defined process.




  • Managing the hospital pharmacy for efficient work performance.
  • Computerize the drug delivery in the pharmacy.
  • Coordinating the clinical trials in the hospital.


Dates Employed: 02/1994-07/1995

Head of research department in IPDIC company

Fatemi Sq. Beginning of Biston St. Tehran-Iran


Responsibilities were developing  new formulations for parenteral administrations of various active compounds and also managing the research group for their both scientific activities and technical performance in the formulation department.




  • For more than 30 active compounds, new parenteral formulations were developed.
  • The GMP scaling up has been performed for the developed delivery systems.
  • A well-organized information center was initiated within the company for scientific support of all scientists within the company.
  • Special support was given to quality control department for enhancing their performance capacity.
  • All documentations for getting the Drug Master File for each formulation were prepared and submitted to ministry of health for getting the approval for production of the new formulations.




  1. Scientific



  • Application of Twin Screw Extruder in Drug Delivery                                                         2006
  • Experimental Design (STAVEX) in Basel, Switzerland                                                        2005
  • Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamic at Organon                                                            2003
  • Gene therapy and gene delivery at the Medical Faculty of Leiden University                      2001
  • ULLA summer school in Denmark                                                                                         1999
  • Introductory course on drug research at Leiden uinversity                                                    1999
  • International course on laboratory animal science at Utrecht University                               1999
  • GMP and GLP regulatory course                                                                                           1995
  • Solid  Dosage Form Development                                                                                          1994


b.       Managerial


  • Industrial and Organizational Documentation Systems (Qumas), The Netherlands              2007
  • International training on intellectual property and management of innovation                            (At World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva, Switzerland)                                 2005
  • Team leadership                                                                                                                      1994




  • Formulation and preformulation investigation on different pharmaceutical dosage forms such as solid dosage forms, parenteral and non-parenteral delivery systems.
  • Awareness of GMP and GLP regulations and application of these regulations in scale up process.
  • Haveing both theoretical and working knowledge of the cGMP and performance of all the activities according to cGMP.
  • Drug development in phase I, II and III of clinical trials.
  • Organizing of projects in a serial development processes from early clinical and toxicological studies till phase IV of clinical studies.
  • Formulation of peptides and bioanalysis of proteins.
  • Working with different cell cultures such as Caco-2 or Calu-3 cell cultures, etc.
  • Different analytical analysis methods such as HPLC, UV, RIA, ELISA, FTIR, CLSM.
  • Microcomputer applications (spreadsheet, graphics, presentation, and word processing) in both stand-alone and local areas network environments. 
  • Skilled in the use of most of the pharmaceutical processing technologies and analytical instrumentations both at laboratory and at industrial scales.




  • AAPS graduate award (2002)

Pharmaceutical Technology and Drug Delivery (PT/DD) graduate award dedicated by American Association of Pharmaceutical scientists for outstanding PhD research in peroral peptide drug delivery (AAPS; Toronto, Canada 2002).


  • CRS-Capsugel Graduate/Postdoc Award (2001)

for outstanding graduate research dedicated by the Young Investigator Awards Committee of the Controlled Release Society (The 28th international symposium on Controlled Release of Bioactive Materials; San Diego, USA 2001).





2011-present   Board Member of Nanomedicine Society of Iran

2011-present   Research Board Member of virtual institute of medical biotechnology

2010-present   Board Member of Controlled Release Society of Iran

2009-2010       Webcast committee member at CRS, USA

2007-2009       Head of education committee at CRS, USA

2003-2009       Member of educational committee at CRS, USA

2003-2007       Member of award committee for 3M-garduate award

2001-2004       Member, American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS)

1998-present   Member, Controlled Release Society (CRS)

1995-present   Member of Iranian Ministry of health organization

1993-present   Member of Iranian Pharmaceutical Association




2012-present   Editor in Chief of Journal of Pharmacoeconomics and Pharmaceutical Management, Iran

2012-present   Editorial Board Member of Journal of Research in Pharmacy Practice, Iran

2011-present   PhD Board Member of Pharmacoeconomics and Pharmaceutical Management, Iran

2011-present   Editorial Board Member of Controlled Release Journal, Iran

2010- present  Editorial Board Member of Drug Delivery Letters, Germany

2010-2015       Editorial Board Member of Drug Delivery and Translational Research, USA

2007-present   Editorial Board Member of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Iran

2016-present   Associate Regional Editor of Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology, UK




  • Development, formulation and designing novel drug delivery systems
  • Nanotechnology
  • Peptide & Gene delivery
  • Biotechnology of peptides and natural products
  • Formulation of pharmaceutical dosage forms




2008- Present PharmD = “Physical Pharmacy 1, Pharmaceutics 3, Management”

PhD = “Physical Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Technology, Novel Drug Delivery Systems, Intellectual Property Rights, General Management, International Marketing, R&D management, Control Management”


2005- 2008      “Novel Drug Delivery Systems, Peptide and Gene Delivery”

Biopharmaceutical Technology courses for pharmacy PhD student, Isfahan faculty of pharmacy, Isfahan Medical University, Isfahan, Iran


1998-2002       "Solid dosage forms and formulations,”

Pharmaceutics course for biopharmaceutical undergraduate students, Leiden/Amsterdam Center for Drug Research, Leiden University, Leiden, The Netherlands




2010                Scientific committee member of 3rd International Congress on Nanoscience and nanotechnology, 9-11 of November 2010, Shiraz, IRAN


2008-present  Head of Patent Office of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, IRAN


PhD thesis defended




Student Name


Preparation and evaluation of injectable Chitosan-based implant for intratumoral gene delivery

Sepideh Safari


Design and development of intraocular polymeric implant systems for long-term controlled-release of clindamycin phosphate for toxoplasmic  retinochoroiditis

Lena Tamadon


Design of Nanoparticles loaded Acyclovir for Controlled Delivery System

Shadab Shahsavari


Experimental studies and modeling process for preparation of nanoparticles using supercritical CO2

Javad Karimi Sabet


Preparation and Characterization on Nanoparticles Composed of Quaternized Aromatic Derivatives of Chitosan for Oral Insulin Delivery

Reza Mahjub


Preparation and Characterization of a Novel Polymeric Micelle Based on Hyaluronic Acid and Phospholipids for Targeted Delivery of Paclitaxel

Ebrahim Saadat


Preparation of Insulin Nano-particles using dipeptides and vitamin B12 derivatives of chitosan and TMC for oral delivery

Nersi Jafari-Omid


Preparation of Teriparatide nanocomposite formulation using nanoparticles loaded hydrogel

Nika Bahari-Javan


Preparation and formulation of Fingolimod controlled release by means of PHBV Nanospheres loaded in grafted Alginate hybrid system

Leila Rezaeei Shirmard


PharmD thesis defended

Student Name



Ali Keshavarz

Preparation of raloxifene nanoparticles using supercritical CO2


Elnaz-sadat Shamsa

Preparation and characterization of long chin alkylated chitosan for use in insulin oral drug delivery


Maryam Mansorpour

Preparation and characterization of alginate/ trimethyl chitosan nanoparticles containing cationic β-cyclodextrin polymers for insulin oral delivery


Marzieh Zargaran

Preparation and evaluation of tyrosine and alanine chelate with iron for treatment of iron deficiency anemia


Pouya Dehghan Klilshadi

Formulation and physic-chemical evaluation of pluronic micelles containing paclitaxel and lapatinib


Naimeh Shakour

Formulation & evaluation of novel polymeric micelle for articular delivery of triamcinolone


Zeynab Ehsanfar

Development and characterization of Parenteral Implant Containing Methotrexate-Magnetic Nanoparticles


Betolhoda Morovati Mahini

Design and formulation of olanzapine nanosystems using MIP


Mujan Radmehr

Preparation and evaluation of nanoparticles composed of N-Trimethyl-O-Carboxymethyl chitosan for oral delivery of Heparin


Hooman Sadeghi

Privatization of pharmaceutical industry in developing countries : A qualitative study on the experience of Iran