Change is the rule not the exception To survive in such an uncertain environment, it is essential to be able to adapt yourself with it. There is no doubt that one of the most practical courses that can teach us how to plan for and dominate the upcoming changes is MBA, therefore not only the managers but also engineers, physicians, Lawyers, etc. are interested in taking MBA course.

MBA tries to approach business from a true perspective in order to teach executives and managers of all kind how to get a comprehensive view in this global world.

But the important issue to remember is that passing MBA is just a kind of start for gaining our long-term goals and to survive in this competitive world. So it is essential to attend complementary courses and short term programs such as Post MBA or long term programs like DBA.

It is clear that Business schools are only an agent of the learning system, but an important agent by themselves because these institutions educate the managers who run the organizations all around the world

We will do our best to educate efficient managers in Bahar Business School and open doors of global opportunities to our students.